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dear livejournal; [06 07 10 @ 09 PM]
i've been neglecting you for real life.

will you ever forgive me?

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my boyfriend rules [12 24 09 @ 04 PM]

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dear livejournal; [10 26 09 @ 07 PM]
you hold all my secrets, memories, past loves and most life enriching moments.

and today i cried because of all of it.
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thanks to yvonne, i'm honestly obsessed with all this [10 25 09 @ 10 AM]

passion pit anonymous here i come!
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[10 12 09 @ 10 AM]
yo gabba gabba is a show for all the kids of indie parents out there

- biz markie showing kids how to beat box
- the roots preforming
- red house painters while a kid in a spaceship goes through space
and now two girls with braces that sound like she and him singing about pajama parties
or maybe they sound like matt and kim.

i'm confused. i need to get out of the house, i think i'm going crazy.
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